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Save the Date for 10/8! Post Workflow for David Fincher's Gone Girl

Save the Date for 10/8! Post Workflow for David Fincher's Gone Girl David Fincher’s latest feature film, Gone Girl employed the most advanced technical workflows of any film ever produced to date. It marks the first 6K real-time review pipeline in any feature film production. Meet Gone Girl post production engineer, Jeff Brue and assistant editor, Tyler Nelson as they discuss the challenges of shooting in 6K on the RED Dragon camera and more.

One on One with Mark Magidson

One on One with Mark Magidson Band Pro sits down with 'Samsara' Producer Mark Magidson to learn about his latest projects, and get his impressions of shooting 4K with the Canon EOS 1D C.

Avid High Resolution Workflows: 2K, 4K, and UHDTV

Avid High Resolution Workflows: 2K, 4K, and UHDTV As the next high-resolution media evolution approaches, a unique set of workflow challenges comes along with it. Advents in 4K and UHDTV technology offer artists and consumers higher frame rates, wider color gamuts, increased dynamic range, and higher pixel counts—but offer post-production teams potential workflow efficiency headaches.

Will 4K Be A Passing Trend?

Will 4K Be A Passing Trend?

As you might expect the battle lines have been quickly drawn on both sides of the 4K camp. The naysayers claim that most people can't tell the difference between 4K and HD. On the other side of the fence the proponents are saying that it's a major jump from HD with better color and a true immersive experience. 

4K and Avid

4K and Avid    by 4KHUB Contributor, Janet Dalton

By 2014, 4K moved beyond early trade-show rumblings to become a dominant player in the world of acquisition formats. There are many advantages to shooting 4K including increased creative flexibility to zoom and reframe shots in post, higher quality keying & 3D capabilities and a more secure medium for archiving purposes.  However, while the shift from SD to HD took almost 10 years to take hold, the move from HD to 2K to 4K is happening in less than half that time.

Is 4K Over-rated?

Is 4K Over-rated? by 4KHUB Contributor, Larry Jordan

I was delighted when the folks at 4KHUB asked me to contribute an article to their launch. Because I have opinions about this. You can call me a skeptic, but from my perspective, this 4K business is not the solution to world peace, nor perpetual prosperity. (And, as an aside, for this article, I’ll use the term “4K” to mean all image sizes larger than 1080p HD.)

4K in the News

Shot Fired: Sony to Release New 4K Capable RX20 Mid-October (Rumor)

Shot Fired: Sony to Release New 4K Capable RX20 Mid-October (Rumor) According to a new rumor from the Sony rumor mill, it will not take long at all, mid-October to be exact. Yes, according to the new report Sony will launch a new RX20 in mid-October, which will feature – you guessed it – 4K video recording, as well as Sony’s XAVC-S codec. Most of the other features of the camera will be minor upgrades, if not exactly the same as the current RX10.

Panasonic intros new 4k dome surveillance cameras

Panasonic intros new 4k dome surveillance cameras Want to see exactly who is snooping around your front yard at night? Panasonic has introduced two new surveillance cameras based on their 4K ULTRA HD Engine that’ll produce high resolution stills of intruders. The Panasonic i-PRO ULTRA 360 series cameras will be available as an indoor model (WV-SFV480) and outdoor version (WV-SFN481) with anti-shock, vandal resistant chassis that meet IP66 standards for dust and water resistance.

The Sony RX10 may be joined by a 4K RX20

The Sony RX10 may be joined by a 4K RX20 For a long time we've thought that the Sony RX10 might be capable of 4K with a firmware upgrade. Now there are rumors that there will be an RX20 - essentially the same but with 4K Sony has some extraordinary chipsets around which it builds its current generation of cameras. We're slowly seeing Sony's high-quality recording codec, XAVC, being rolled out across several of their products. What these devices also share is a 1" sensor, and Bionz X processor that can comfortably handle downscaling…

The Evolution, Impact & Future of 4K

Although they are still fairly new technologies introduced into the market only a few years ago, 4K and 4K TV have recently been in the limelight. The nascent format dominated the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, and was also featured at this summer's IFA technology fest.

4K-ready memory cards

4K-ready memory cards Ultra High Definition (HD) or 4K, may soon overtake HD as the preferred way for people to watch TV and movies at home. 4K TV sets are expected to sell well this Diwali season and 4K TV services will begin rolling out in India in 3-4 months. It's time to start shooting your next shaadi-ka-video in 4K and there are at least 6 makes of mobile phones available in India, which allow you to shoot in 4K. Now comes the problem! 4K as the name suggests is four times sharper, denser than a HD image and gobbles up those gigabytes on your phone memory card, for every minute you shoot.

Panasonic Showcases Its State-of-art 4K Imaging Products and a New Concept Communication Camera

Panasonic Showcases Its State-of-art 4K Imaging Products and a New Concept Communication Camera Panasonic is exhibiting a wide-range of digital imaging products in 3 areas at its booth - "4K," "Photo," and "Communication." * An extensive range of 4K products and technologies In center of the 4K area, there is a stage on which talk shows with photographers, who highlight the benefits of LUMIX's 4K technologies, is taking place. There is also a touch & try corner where visitors can come and test the features of the digital cameras and camcorders for themselves. Panasonic is…

First European 4K channels in 2016

Ferdinand Kayser, CCO at Luxembourg-based satellite operator, says he firmly expects some key European broadcasters to have 4K channels on air during 2016. “The catalyst will undoubtedly be the UEFA soccer and that year’s Olympics from Brazil.”

Avatar Sequels Could Be Shot In 4K 3D and 120 Frames Per Second

Avatar Sequels Could Be Shot In 4K 3D and 120 Frames Per Second James Cameron's planned trilogy of Avatar sequels could be the first films to be shot using a super-high frame rate system called MAGI, which films in native 3D at a 4K resolution. The system, which shoots at 120 frames per second compared with the traditional 24 frames, was developed by Douglas Trumbull, who told The Hollywood Reporter he had been talking to Avatar producer Jon Landau. "I know that Cameron admired Showscan [Trumbull's earlier invention of a large-format high-frame rate…

VGTel Adds 4K Library to NanoTech UltraFlix Channel

4K content is growing in leaps and bounds now that UHD TV sets are hitting retail. Another reason VGTel added their growing 4K video library to the NanoTech UltraFlix channel. VGTel – 360 Entertainment and K2 Communications Announces Licensing Agreement with NanoTech Entertainment NEW YORK, NY— September 2014 (OTCQB: VGTL) – VGTel-360 Entertainment & Productions, a multi-platform company offering products and services for the entertainment industry, announced today that it has licensed…

What was the word on 4K at IBC?

Here’s what was uncovered from a few days in sunny Amsterdam… The topic came up quite a lot through the conference sessions, but there was a dedicated panel discussion on Friday “More pixels or better pixels? Making the case for 4K or Ultra High Definition” which was made up by the BBC, BT Vision, Arqiva, Sony and Pace. It was chaired by NBCUniversal. Who will pay for it? Andrew Jordan, SVP Operations & Technology, NBCUniversal, started proceedings, setting the scene for UHD as it stands…

Astra launches Ultra HD showcase channel

Astra Deutschland has launched a new Ultra HD showcase channel available as a free-to-air service on the satellite operator’s orbital position 19.2° East. The channel carrying the ID Astra Ultra HD Demo offers a mixture of landscape and nature videos, impressions from city life and sports footage. The content has been produced exclusively for Astra by 4K specialists Katie and Jacob Schwarz from the USA. “The laboratory stage lies behind us, the Ultra HD technology has arrived in the…